How to give a little Material You Style Makeover to Google Chrome on Android?

Google Chrome gets a bit Material You Design to makeover through Google Flags. For people who don’t understand, Material There’s a fresh style which Google declared with all the Android 12 in its Google I/O 2021 occasion.

Some programs like Gboard and Google Weather program have just a little touch of the new layout language.

Users may enable it by scanning this chrome://flags/#theme-refactor-android URL from the search bar then select Enabled in the drop-down menu near the theme refactor alternative. Then again shut the Google Chrome browser (also shut it in the recent programs ) then again launching the browser. This time the configurations will be executed and you’ll observe the Material You-based motif mode on the Chrome browser.

As soon as you relaunch chrome, then you will understand the new layout when you tap the overflow menu on the browser. There’ll be fresh round borders rather than the sharp edges discovered before. The plan appears clean, upgraded, and more contemporary. Some users will confront problems since it may not use the old devices or older variants of Android.

Using Android 12 google present a brand new design language named Material You. It will include light colours, pill-shaped components, more customizations, creative contours. The new layout looks quite appealing and fresh. The search giant will bring this brand new layout to all its programs at the upcoming months.

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