How to Remove the Google Discover Page

I’ve tagged this for people that are using the Pixel Launcher however like I mentioned, this suggestion should also work on harmonious launchers too. The step-by-step guide below is special to the Pixel Launcher however, so in the event that you’re using another one then the measures ought to be comparable, however they’re likely not precisely the same.

Consequently, if you’re using these launchers and then swipe to reach the far left page then you’ve got probably come across the brand new Google Discover page. This attribute ended up substituting the Google Now Feed and that I recently did a tutorial to demonstrate just how you can switch off the Google Discover feed.

Many folks love getting those parts of content indicated to them I (and several others) simply didn’t even find it rather helpful. I’d read the info from a different source, it spoiled a film or TV series, or simply wasn’t quite good and calling what I wished to read or see at that specific moment.

Together with the Google Discover feed the page was there in the far left of the Home Screen of harmonious launchers such as the Pixel Launcher. Granted, there’s a button on top which allows you get the tabs of this Google app. However there are normally superior methods for accessing this.

So Allow Me to show You How You Can Eliminate this page in the Home Screen completely

The Way to Hide the Google Discover Page in the Home Screen

Long press in an empty place of the Home Screen

Tap the House Settings alternative

Then tap on the Screen Google Program toggle to turn off it

From here, you can swipe directly on the Home Screen to be certain that the page was taken away.

In case you’re using another launcher then the measures to eliminate the Google Discover webpage could differ.

If you harbor ‚t heard of it earlier, then it is best to take a look at a previous post I wrote up. In this, I detailed exactly what Google Discover is and the way it fit into the business total strategy in numerous ways.

Not only does this help to better their machine learning technologies by viewing what you enjoy (which occurs when you tap one of the tips ). Even the easy act of scrolling beyond a part of content permits them to learn exactly what you’re considering at any particular time.

Google Discover is an advancement within the Google Now Feed as it provides you more control of this content that the service indicates to you. They’re in a position to do so using a feature which lets you let it show you more or less of a specific topic. The more information Google collects on everybody the greater they are in figuring out exactly what like.

However, many have discovered this to be a battery/performance hog though the vast majority of the computations are conducted in the cloud.

Eliminating the Google Discover Page in the Home Screen

However, as soon as you’ve disabled the Google Discover Feed that webpage is virtually sterile. Sure, you still have the Google Logo in the top and also the 3-dot menu remains there if you happen to wish to flip it back on later on. There’s also a button on the left of this 3-dot menu icon which takes you to a particular tab of the Google program.

This is where a great deal of your Google Assistant info is stored. You may get to the page after eliminating the Google Discover webpage in the Home Screen by launching the Google Program and tapping the next tab in the base. Hence that the information on that page remains reachable from a different place.

Should you would like ‚t, then you don’t have some need for your Google Discover webpage to be on the Home Screen whatsoever. But should you use that page then you are still able to disable this page in the Home Screen while keeping access to it.

This webpage is really the Updates tab once you start up the Google program. It provides you information such as the current weather and temperature condition, fast access to different Google activities (for instance, sending a message, locating nearby restuarants, etc.), your own forthcoming calendar events and much more.

In all honesty, this Updates tab at the Google program reminds me a great deal of what the Google Now page was. It might keep track of different things like coming deliveries, inform you exactly what bills you have coming up, keep you updated on shares which you’re viewing and much more.

All this was balled into the Google Assistant and it currently sits at the Updates tab of the Google program.

There’s more things from the Google program that we can dive right into later on.

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