How to Factory Reset HomePod Mini

How to Factory Reset HomePod Mini

HomePod miniature isn’t responding? Whether you’re experiencing problems or looking to market your HomePod, then you need to reset it. This will delete all of your personal data and data connected to a device. Resetting also will help to fix several problems such as Wi-Fi connectivity issues. Both the HomePod devices could be restored using a guide hardware reset or via Home App. It is also possible to reset your HomePod miniature by linking it to a Mac computer. Read below to understand how to mill reset HomePod miniature or HomePod, with or with a Mac apparatus or iPhone.

Things You Need to Think about Before Resetting

Before doing the factory reset, attempt to disconnect and restart your HomePod mini. If these methods don’t resolve your issue.

If you’re resetting a HomePod miniature that’s part of a stereo set, you need to unpair the stereo set prior to resetting the unit.

If you’re resetting your HomePod miniature due to device difficulties, you need to establish your apparatus after the factory reset to reconnect with your iOS apparatus.

The best way to Factory Reset Your Own HomePod or HomePod Mini Directly?

This resetting procedure will revive your device to factory settings. Following the reset, you’ll have to establish your own HomePod miniature by copying it to your iOS device.

Unplug the HomePod miniature and wait for ten minutes

Twist the unit back and wait for the following ten minutes

Hold the centre button on the very top of the HomePod and remain in that manner until Siri tells you .

Now, your device will first show a rotating white light and it will become red

Siri will state that your device is going to reset.

Eliminate your fingers the moment you hear that the 3 beeps.

The Way to Recover Your HomePod Mini/ HomePod Using the Home App?

Following the mill resetting procedure, your HomePod miniature will take a while to restart and then you’re able to set it with your iOS apparatus.

Open the House Program

Click on and hold the HomePod icon to start it

Click Remove Accessory

Click on Remove

This is a fast and effortless procedure.

Open the Home program in the iPhone or iPad

Long press on the HomePod which you need to reset

Select and Click Remove Accessory

Click on Remove

This course of action is only appropriate for HomePod miniature. It is possible to ‚t reset the HomePod apparatus using a Mac as a full-sized HomePod doesn’t encourage a USB-C connection. Follow the following steps to reset your miniature device–

Plug your HomePod miniature in the Mac apparatus using the USB-C cable.

Following that, you will observe the status light in addition to your HomePod miniature begin to flash orange lighting.

After that, start the Finder window by simply clicking the half-grey and half-blue face icon in your Dock or by tapping on the background and
pressing the Control plus N keys on your computer at precisely the exact same moment.

Next select your HomePod apparatus from the left sidebar.

[Note: Should you would like ‚t view that your HomePod Appear from the left sidebar,

Tap on Finder in the menu bar.

Then tap Options and Choose the Sidebar tab in the top of the window.

Click Restore HomePod

After that, tap Restore at the pop-up window

Ordinarily, it takes quite a very long time, depending upon your internet connection.

When done, you may no more observe the orange light near the very top of your HomePod miniature apparatus.

Suppose none of those reset procedures resolves your HomePod or HomePod miniature ’s problems, then you need to either get Apple support or choose the HomePod apparatus to some apple store.

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